Tiziano Rotesi


I am Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics at UNIL. My area of research is Applied Microeconomics and Experimental Economics, with a focus on Media, Political Economy, and Networks.


Université de Lausanne
Department of Economics
Quartier UNIL- Chamberonne
Office Internef 501,1
1015 Lausanne - Switzerland

Phone: +41 021 6923 3469
Email: tiziano.rotesi@unil.ch
Skype: tizianorotesi
Twitter: @TRotesi

You can find my CV here: Link.

Working Papers



App Lab

App Lab is an easy to use app to run experiments on smartphones. It is available for both Android and iOS and it allows researchers to distribute experiments directly in subjects’ pockets. It is compatible with easy to use tools such as oTree and Qualtrics, and can also be used for notifications and payments.